Suspend our public participation in events and limit ourselves only to the necessary trips

The morning of February 27, 2020 we made a decision and sent the following to our Episcopal Friends with whom we had our most social interaction.

“As we follow the news about the Coronavirus, it appears more and more that this country is about to face an unavoidable outbreak. Aware that our own government appears to have been unprepared and that in fact the CDC is playing catch up, we have concluded that there is wisdom in a cautionary approach for the time being. It feels like we can protect ourselves best by maintaining the relative safety we control within our home and seriously restricting how often we go out and for how long.

The upshot of the above paragraph is that we plan – for the short term – to suspend our public participation in events and limit ourselves only to the necessary trips. Having recently endured a lengthy time of vulnerability with Lietta’s winter illness and her recent recovery, we are loathe to risk further health complications from events over which we have no control.

We will not be at EFM (Education For Ministry), at services or bible study groups for the time being.

Arthur and Lietta Ruger”

That was nine months ago. Days turned into weeks.

Weeks turned into months.

Months are turning into a year.

This New Year’s morning the first thing I read was a wish and greeting from my brother in our Messenger group. It was a sweet moment of reminder that as one year turns a corner into the next, we live in a new social and physical paradigm. We have a combined social and physical business to which we must attend. I wrote this in response to my brother’s greeting.

As I contemplate life within the danger bubble that surrounds us and the prospects for vaccine, it becomes more and more obvious that we will not go back to the pre-pandemic world we have come out of.

What lies in the near and far future remains to be seen and experienced – inevitably with both hope and trepidation.

I do not believe it is a pessimistic sentiment to look back with longing nor a false hope to look forward with a determination to be wise, cautious and brave in all venues.