Who writes here?

My name is Arthur Ruger. I live on the corner of  Coeur D Alene and the Spokane River.

I have a bunch of thoughts about growing older; about the transition from full time employment to full time retirement.

I am opinionated but consider myself thoughtful and somewhat prepared to discuss my views ... which tend to be direct, blunt and at times downright rude.

I try to be tactful but do not always succeed. There are multiple points of view and mine is not the most perfect … but then neither is yours.

I've been called among - among other things - a curmudgeon.

I acknowledge having earned that label. I for years wrote mostly about politics and religion. I may still do so.

But now I have opinions about the agony and ecstasy of aging ... both gracefully and clumsily.

I … I … I … I …

Am I the only person I want to talk about?

We'll see.

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